Significant advances in healthcare have occurred in the last decade with the nearly universal adoption of the Electronic Medical Record ( EMR).

On one hand, we have the digitization of virtually all a patients medical information . A patient’s entire medical history can be accessed from any computer or smartphone. But that has been associated with an increasingly complicated task of entering , accessing and processing that information by overworked providers.

On the other hand, we have increasingly sophisticated and ever present medical devices and monitors that can track all facets of a patient’s health, but bring with them an increasingly fractured real-time picture of the patient, and alarm fatigue that overwhelms providers in almost every patient care environment. Shouldn’t a pulse oximeter’s oxygen saturation and pulse rate differentiate between a healthy 20-year old and a 65 year-old with chronic pulmonary disease and ischemic heart disease?

AlertWatch sees an opportunity to bridge the gap between the comprehensive but inscrutable EMRs and the non-integrated medical devices.  Solving this problem would help solve the most intractible challenge in healthcare: Improving quality and safety while simultaneously lowering costs.

AlertWatch provides real-time integrated patient monitoring software focused on improved outcomes.

We integrate all of the patient data, both real-time and historical, we analyze it for potential quality or safety issues, and we display it using the simplest & most intuitive interface possible: the human body.