Why AlertWatch?

It’s simple. Or rather, it should be.

Information overload is everywhere, from the airplane cockpit to the boardroom, and industries are scrambling to reduce the strain on people trying to do their work.


The information you need, when and how you need it.

AlertWatch:OR is a real-time monitoring platform that helps clinicians provide the best care possible. To do these, we take a different approach than most monitoring systems.


AlertWatch uses a proprietary integration engine to gather data from all of the relevant sources required to get a complete picture of the patient. We leverage whatever data integration systems the facility has in place. We are familiar with SQL, HL7, Web Services, APIs or almost any acronym-laden data feeds. 


AlertWatch analyzes all of this data every 10 seconds. We automatically calculate key information, and we have over 50 clinical alerts that can help you identify potential issues. The analysis not only results in the safety and quality alerts, but they can also provide that additional context when responding to emerging situations.



With the amount of patient data increasing exponentially every year, it is critical to display all of this in a format that is intuitive, and information dense.

For the Smart Board, we display an entire unit with icons for various risks and alerts:


For the patient dashboard, we chose the the simplest format we could think of: the human body. Regardless of the level of clinical experience, users find AlertWatch easy to use:

Everything you see can be interacted with for additional context. Please try the demo to see how the product works.


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