AlertWatch:AC ensures comprehensive and personalized care for every patient

Scalable Patient Monitoring

The ICU is a fast-paced environment, with some of the hospital’s most vulnerable patients. Staff burnout is high and alert fatigue is most prevalent.

The FDA-cleared AlertWatch:AC solution for intensive acute care, aggregates multi-parameter data in a centralized triage dashboard, for a composite view of a patient’s health status and trends. Advanced analytics and alerting generate actionable insights for proactive clinical interventions. This exception-based model of care may detect earlier signs of clinical deterioration and make monitoring of intensive care patients more efficient and scalable.

Core capabilities include:

  • Complex decision support for patients on ECMO, VAE, and related support system devices.
  • Algorithmic and threshold-based alerting for proactive clinical interventions
  • Low-latency waveforms allow providers to remotely monitor patients.
  • Quality of care bundles to assist with identifying and supporting patients with complex conditions and care needs

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