Your patients range from the ICU to the floor.

So should your surveillance and decision support.

Streamline Monitoring Across Units

The ICU is a fast-paced environment, with some of the hospital’s most vulnerable patients. They are also the area of the hospital where alert fatigue is most prevalent. 

AlertWatch:AC is the solution that enables telehealth and streamlined remote monitoring by combining disparate patient data, and notifying clinicians of emerging situations without overwhelming them with false positives and nuisance alerts. The key features of AlertWatch:AC are below.

  • Complex decision support for patients on ECMO, VAE, and related support system devices.
  • Sepsis bundle to assist with identifying and responding to patients with potential sepsis.
  • Low-latency waveforms allow providers to remotely monitor patients.
  • Safety net alerts for lower acuity patients to reduce the likelihood of gaps in safety.
  • Sepsis, diabetes management, and other quality of care bundles ensure patients recover as intended.

Download AlertWatch:AC from the Apple App Store