In the OR, every minute is vital.

And every vital is an opportunity for improvement.

Better Monitoring Improves Quality

Perioperative quality has emerged as a critical piece of any hospital’s overall quality improvement efforts. AlertWatch, recognizing that opportunity, has created AlertWatch:OR, a real-time clinical decision support solution that integrates thousands of data fields into an intuitive interface that turns that data into personalized, actionable insights. AlertWatch:OR now includes low-latency waveforms.

AlertWatch has robust, patient-specific clinical decision support across a multitude of clinical concerns, including:

  • Ventilation Management with ideal body weight tidal volume, PEEP, and driving pressure alerting.
  • Goal Directed hemodynamic management supported by live I/O balance calculations
  • Blood pressure & heart rate management
  • Insulin management & glucose rechecking
  • Estimated hematocrit and blood loss
  • High cumulative vasopressor usage
  • Age-adjusted MAC incorporating effects of Propofol & Etomodate 
  • High Fresh Gas Flow alerts with checks for hemodynamic instability
  • Alerting for cumulative duration of hypotension
  • Anesthesia start time for increased billing capture
  • PONV prevention
  • Antibiotic re-dosing with adjustments for creatinine clearance

Every component of the graphic display can provide additional context and trends with a single touch. Please try the demo to see how the product works.

Download AlertWatch:OR from the Apple App Store