Our Solution

Hospitals nationwide are seeking enterprise-grade platforms that optimize labor intensive processes through automation of data capture, combined with scalable exception management and clinical insights, from in-hospital to home.

Over the past decade, AlertWatch has become a trusted partner of health systems nationwide and has earned 4 FDA 510(k) clearances for its specialized product offerings for the operating room, intensive care unit, and labor and delivery unit.

The AlertWatch patented display and centralized triage dashboard aggregates data and provides clinicians with a composite view of patient vital sign trends, while simultaneously performing advanced analytics and alerting, for proactive clinical decisions.

A recent 6-year, 27,000 patient study published in The Journal of Anesthesiology demonstrated that AlertWatch:OR reduced length of stay and hospital charges.

Intelligent Integration

Integrates over 400 patient data fields from the EMR and medical device network.

Intelligent Analysis

Analyzes the comprehensive patient data set and provides rich analytics, calculations, and insights to providers.

Intelligent Display

Present insights and analysis using an intuitive, at-a-glance display.

Intelligent Notifications

Delivers alerts and critical information when and where you need it.