The Intelligent Monitoring Platform

It’s a safety net. It’s the assistant that never sleeps.

It’s the first place you look when caring for a patient.

Physician Looking at AlertWatch on Monitor

AlertWatch Acquired by BioIntelliSense

We are thrilled to join forces with BioIntelliSense, an award-winning company with a shared vision for a new era of continuous patient monitoring and clinical intelligence from in-hospital to home.

The combination of BioIntelliSense’s BioButton® multi-parameter wearable devices and data services, along with the AlertWatch world-class clinical intelligence triage solution, makes medical-grade patient monitoring scalable and simple.

We are also excited to greatly expand our reach to U.S. hospitals, in partnership with the global healthcare technology leaders at Medtronic Patient Monitoring, as a new offering in its Healthcast™ portfolio.

Turning Data into Actionable Information

AlertWatch markets real-time decision support software focused on improving safety, outcomes and efficiency. Our platform tracks patient care protocols and automatically contacts the right provider, about the right patient at the right time with actionable information. It provides a more complete picture of patient health and virtually eliminates alarm fatigue that is commonplace with other patient monitoring and surveillance solutions.

An Intelligent Operating Room

The OR is the most acute, data rich and costly location in any hospital. This provides an opportunity for real-time clinical decision support to assist in patient specific management protocols to improve care and reduce costs. AlertWatch, recognizing that opportunity, has created AlertWatch:OR, a real-time clinical decision support solution that integrates thousands of data fields into an intuitive interface that turns that data into personalized, actionable insights.

Maternal Safety Made Smarter™

AlertWatch:OB improves the safety of labor and delivery care with key features including MEWS alerting & paging with proprietary filtering for improved maternal safety without alarm fatigue, integrated monitoring of mother from triage through postpartum, including ORs and PACUs, and patient-specific risk stratification leveraging ACOG risk guidelines for postpartum hemorrhaging. Clinical studies indicate that AW:OB is superior to MEWS in detecting severe postpartum hemorrhage.

Helping the most vulnerable

Designed for intensive care units, AlertWatch:AC is the solution that enables telehealth and streamlined remote monitoring by combining disparate patient data, and notifying clinicians of emerging situations without overwhelming them with false positives and nuisance alerts.

Saftey & Quality

A 6-year, 27,000 patient study published in The Journal Anesthesiology showed that AlertWatch:OR reduced length of stay and hospital charges.

A Proven Solution

AlertWatch has been used to assist over a 1,000,000 surgeries and 20,000 births. We are a trusted partner that can integrate into a variety of systems.

Complete Coverage

With environment-specific versions covering the OR, ICU, and labor and delivery, AlertWatch is a solution for every area of your hospital.

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