Hoffman Estates, IL, February 28, 2020

Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. (CCSI), a leader in perinatal systems software, announces a reseller agreement with AlertWatch, a leading provider of real-time clinical decision support software. Under this reseller agreement, CCSI will distribute, within the United States, AlertWatch:OB’s FDA 510(k)-cleared Maternal Safety System.

The Maternal Safety System, used by clinicians to monitor women in labor and delivery areas, provides real-time alerts and analytics to improve care.

“Shockingly, every eight to ten hours in the U.S. a mother dies during childbirth. This rate is three times the  rate of other industrialized countries,” explained AlertWatch founder and University of Michigan anesthesiologist Dr. Kevin Tremper. “And for every death, there are 70 near misses. Data shows that many

of these could have been prevented with a timelier response. Before now, providers haven’t had a tool that  gives them the right information in time to intervene.”

 To date, AlertWatch:OB has been used to assist with more than 15,000 births. In one recent study, a cross-functional survey revealed that 83% of providers approved of the application. Another recent study showed that the AlertWatch MEWS system was better at identifying postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) than the standard Maternal Early Warning Criteria (MEWC)*. This monitoring system is the first solution to integrate several critical features:

  • MEWS alerts with proprietary filtering to improve the detection of PPH, while also reducing nuisance alerts by 95%.
  • Automated risk assessment for each patient using the ACOG hemorrhage risk guidelines.
  • Unit and patient-level dashboards with at-a-glance views across the entire continuity-of-care.
  • Condition and provider-specific escalation pathways for improved response time and collaboration.

“We are very excited to be working with AlertWatch. Their Maternal Safety System will be a much-needed addition to help elevate the perinatal standard of care that CCSI, with the OBIX Perinatal Data System, continues to strive for. With Maternal mortality emerging as a critical topic in every labor and delivery unit worldwide; this safety system is a positive step in reducing the incidence rate of post-partum hemorrhage, its leading cause,” said CCSI VP, Business Development Rick Daniells

About Clinical Computer Systems, Inc.

CCSI is an employee-owned, high technology company located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. For more than 25 years, CCSI has been a leader in perinatal systems with innovative, customer-driven, computer-based perinatal system, and support services.  The company is dedicated to the development of the OBIX Perinatal Data System and works to incorporate changes in technology, regulations, and standards in the obstetrical department that support hospitals’ strategic initiatives. For more, visit www.obix.com.

About AlertWatch, Inc.

AlertWatch, Inc. is an Ann Arbor-based firm, founded in 2011, that develops and markets clinical decision support systems for hospitals. AlertWatch simplifies patient monitoring with intuitive products across a variety of care settings. A 2018 study of AlertWatch:OR, our intraoperative monitoring solution, showed a reduction in post-operative length of stay and a reduction in hospital charges of $3,603. For more, visit www.alertwatch.com.

Contact information: rick.daniells@obix.com or justin.adams@alertwatch.com